Our Story...

We moved to the beautiful town of Dolgellau in Southern Snowdonia in 1997 and haven't looked back!

In fact we (my two sons and I) keep reminding ourselves that we live in a spectacular world that others come to on holiday.

We bought the gift shop Waterloo Studio One in 2004...

...then created Deryn Du Antiques in 2015, and both are popular in the town with locals and visitors alike.

However, we have decided that as technology marches ever onwards, we would join the digital revolution and put out the two shops from this lovely town to a much larger audience. But what to call our new business? Well there was only one choice… as we already have an Etsy Shop named Nelly Drew’s Drawers, it was an obvious answer! But who was Nelly Drew we hear you ask?

Eleanor (known as Nelly, Nellie or Nell) Drew was a British actress, singer and musical comedy star of the 1940’s and 50’s – and also just happens to have been our beloved Mum!

Born within the sound of Bow Bells in the heart of London’s East End and therefore a true little Cockney Sparrow – through sheer hard work she rose to the heights of London’s West End Theatre land via The Bristol Old Vic. Starting off in the cast of Oklahoma in the early 1940’s she became the star of Salad Days, the refreshing 1950’s musical – which has Queen Elizabeth’s favourite song amongst it's hits and was the musical which sparked the career of impresario Cameron Mackintosh.

Nelly then claimed the pinnacle of success with a Royal Variety performance in front of the Queen in 1954! However after taking Salad Days to the West End, starring in a couple more major shows and even starting a television career she retired at an early age of 38 to concentrate on her family – it was sadly a great loss to the British Stage and Screen. Nelly had four passions, her family, singing, antiques and patchwork and ran the little shop we have now as Deryn Du as an Antique shop herself about 15 years ago.

We feel she would have wholeheartedly approved of our new project...